Not content with mixing science, time-travel, superheroics and beautifully confused visuals in DC Comics' recent miniseries Metal Men, comic creator Duncan Rouleau is setting his sights a little bit higher with his next project, a "lo-fi sci-fi mystery" story about a whole new form of identity theft called The Great Unknown, asking, what if someone could pluck an idea out of your head without you even knowing it?The new series β€” just one of many announced by Image Comics and Rouleau's studio, Man of Action (creators of Cartoon Network's hugely successful Ben 10) during last weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con β€” centers around a "directionless genius" who discovers that someone is literally stealing thoughts from out of his head... and decides to track down the culprit. Rouleau explained what the story is really about:

The big theme of the story is 'What defines you? The ideas in your head or the actions you take?' It’s also about piracy β€” intellectual piracy. And privacy. With the technological age we’re in, our humanity is being redefined and made public β€” ripped apart, cut up and posted on the internet. How long will it be before people go right into our minds to get that information directly β€” without our consent? I think that technology is only about five years away.


While we're not convinced by his Fringe-esque take on where mindreading science is right now, we're definitely looking forward to this existential whodunnit-and-what-does-who-really-mean-anyway when it premieres in comic stores next year. Man of Action: Four New Comic Projects With Image [Comic Book Resources]