Meta-Monster Attack with Boobies and Doobies in "The Being" [NSFW]

The Being is your classic small-town radioactive monster movie that was made in 1983 but looks like it was made in 1973. Improbably starring Jose Ferrer and Martin Landau, it's a tale of anti-pornography crusaders and corrupt potato growers in an Idaho town — a town that just wants to forget that some crazy old lady's kid is actually a slimy, toxic monster who is eating people. In this great meta-monster scene from early in the flick, the atomic slimeball attacks kids in at a drive in. While the kids watch a movie about a naked lady getting attacked by a monster in a hotel room! Wait, which is real, and which is the movie? Whoa, dude, just take another hit on that joint. [The Being]

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Annalee Newitz

@dOk: How was I not being nice? Martin Laundau is the creme de la creme of scifi weirdness.