Messing with the gods is no big deal on Supernatural

On Wednesday night's Supernatural, "Remember the Titans," we took yet another detour from what Kevin is up to with the tablets to investigate a zombie report. Unfortunately for Dean, who wants to kill a little zombie, the situation is a little more complex.

Spoilers ahead!

The guy who keeps coming back from the dead is none other than Prometheus, the ancient Greek Titan or "proto god" as Sam puts it. He's the guy who gave fire to humanity, against the god Zeus' wishes, and was cursed to die every day from vultures eating out his liver. Then his liver would grow back, he'd come back to life, and have to endure death again. Somehow, about seven years ago, Prometheus finally escaped from his mountain prison and went wandering around in Montana. He's lost his memory, but somehow managed to father a son who now also carries the curse of dying once a day and coming back to life.


The mother of Prometheus' son is desperate to cure her dying kid, and Prometheus just wants to move on with his undead life. So the brothers bring Prometheus and his little family back to the Men of Letters' lair and we see this scene, above, where Dean delivers the best lines in the episode. I love it when he says, "It's no big deal." He's loving this whole Men of Letters lair thing.

For the most part this was a very rote episode. Dean and Sam even acknowledge how rote it is in this same scene, when they explain to Prometheus how they "usually do it" — conjure up the bad guy, try to get him to remove a curse, and if he refuses, take him out. Which is basically what they do, with a little help from Zeus' daughter Artemis, who unexpectedly has a crush on Prometheus for reasons we never understand.

I feel like one of the gimmicks of this season is that the brothers announce how they "always do it this way" or "this is how it works" before doing something they've done a million times before. But we're supposed to feel like it's fresh because they're being ironic about how they have these little hunter routines that have gone from being creepy and shocking to completely ordinary in the context of this show.

Other than Dean's brief prayer to Cas at the end of this episode, basically nothing much happened. Other than killing a god and a Titan. No big deal, as Dean might say.


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Hasn't it been shown over the course of the show that the old gods have lost most of their power and while still strong are neither all powerful or invulnerable anymore?