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Merry Whomas From Paul Cornell

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Get your holiday season properly underway with an early gift from writer Paul Cornell: An all-new Doctor Who story about the end of time (But not the one you'll see on television in just over a week).


The story, "The Last Doctor," is the first of what Cornell's calling his 12 Blogs of Christmas, a series of blog posts about "the three worlds I move in: science fiction; comics and Doctor Who." He's calling this story fan fiction, but consider the fan in question was responsible for the amazing S3 double bill of "Human Nature"/"The Family Of Blood", you can take that with a grain of salt.

As part of the series of special posts, Cornell will be answering all questions addressed to his Twitter account between 10am and 10pm BST tomorrow. Get up early and ask him who we have to threaten to get Captain Britain and M13 back at Marvel Comics. (Update: He's moved it to Wednesday.)


The 12 Blogs of Christmas: One. A Doctor Who Story for Christmas [Paul Cornell]

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That is officially the most depressing Christmas story I have ever read. In a good way, but still... *shakes fist* Damn youuuu!