Merriam-Webster Just Used Stranger Things' David Harbour to Explain 'Dad Bod'

Image: Netflix

David Harbour’s Jim Hopper made a big impression on viewers after the Netflix series Stranger Things debuted, but season two kicked it up a notch. Harbour’s Hopper dance was admired around the world and then some, and cemented him the coveted “dad bod” title. Now Merriam-Webster is making sure we know how to use it.

Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account has been deftly chiming in to comment on pop culture and world politics for a while now, but this new entry is extra special.


To which Harbour, who has also been using his Twitter account to awesomely react to fans, replied:

As with a lot of zeitgeist items, we’re going to have to ignore the dictionary’s call on this one. Thanks but no thanks, Merriam-Webster, fandom’s preferred use of “dad bod” is here to stay.

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