Mera's Outfit in Aquaman Is Mermaid-y as Hell (UPDATED)

Hera is bright in James Wan’s Aquaman. Image: Twitter
Hera is bright in James Wan’s Aquaman. Image: Twitter

Director James Wan is currently in Australia filming his 2018 DC film, Aquaman, and he just revealed a brand new look at Mera, the Queen of Atlantis. It’s very iridescent, very colorful, and it looks like something a sporty mermaid might have in her wardrobe.


Mera is being played by Amber Heard, and audiences will first meet her in Zack Snyder’s Justice League in November. A photo of her in that film was released last year, but it was rather muted and gray. Wan’s vision of the character is much more vibrant, or at least this one outfit is. This doesn’t seem like an outfit for war. Instead, it’s more for everyday life under the sea.


Here’s a larger version of the photo.

Illustration for article titled Meras Outfit in iAquaman/i Is Mermaid-y as Hell (UPDATED)

I mean, there are a few weird things here. The green scaley look is super cool, as is the combination of that and the bright red hair. But what’s up the Aquaman logo on her stomach? And wouldn’t the cleavage create drag while swimming?

Either way, this is one of the best looks we’ve gotten at Wan’s aesthetic for the film and it’s a step in the right direction.


Aquaman opens December 2018.


Update: Heard herself just put up a second photo of the character. Different lighting, same outfit.


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Seneca the Younger(er)

Does this suit have vents, so that all the water that comes in at her cleavage-y neckline escapes, or do her boots just balloon up with water?