Mer World Problems Shows that Undersea Life Is, Ugh, Like, So Hard

First world problems are harder, mer world problems are harder. At least, that's the premise of the Mer World Problems coloring book by Theo Nicole Lorenz. A few of the pages are available online, but the full experience can be bought on Amazon and CreateSpace


Lorenz describes the project this way on the back of the book:

Mermaids might seem to have it all, with their shiny tails and fancy seashell castles, but life under the sea is full of difficulties. This coloring book features 20 examples of the most pressing issues mermaids face, including socially inept sea turtles, barnacle breakouts, interpersonal issues with fish, lack of wifi, and more.

Here are a few pages that you can print out and color on Lorentz's website.


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