Men In Black 3's Agents Are Hunting Down Josh Brolin

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We've known about the Josh Brolin MIB3 casting rumors for a while. And now that Sony has secured Will Smith they're more confident, announcing they're in advanced negotiations for both Tommy Lee and Josh Brolin — for the same part?


Sony has announced that they want all the original characters back — plus one more, Josh Brolin. The plan is to have Brolin play a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' character, Agent K. What does that mean plot-wise?


We're guessing that Will Smith ends up back in time, thanks to a DeLorean or an alien time-travel ray or something. Which means more wacky Will-Smith-is-out-of-place jokes.

The screenplay is being written by Tropic Thunder's Etan Cohen, and even though we're trying to stay positive we can't help but think this universe might have run out of zany aliens for us to poke fun at. Unless they are racist backwards-thinking jerk aliens from the 1950s, which could be weirdly different.

[via Cinemablend]

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Korea Miéville

Nooo! The only Josh who should be playing a young Tommy Lee Jones is Josh HARTNETT. Amiwrong?