They've been threatening to bring back the Men In Black franchise for some time now. And today, Sony revealed that it's absolutely dedicated to bring you more zany aliens pretending to be famous people.


Collider is reporting that the at the Sony ShoWest Presentation, the President of Sony Worldwide Distribution, Rory Bruer, announced that not only would they be bringing back Ghostbusters, and Spider-Man, but Men In Black as well.

While talking about the project, Bruer tossed out the date 2011, but who can be certain? All three of those films should be serious undertakings for the studio.

But here's the big question: Can you get Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to do it again? Well we know Tommy is down, but what about Big Willie? And would you watch it without them - heck, would you watch it at all? After the two movies, the cartoons and putting Frank the dog in a suit, haven't we run the gamut of alien humor? Is there really more out there after the last movie debuted the ballchinian?

This movie will have to be handled with great care and if it wants it to live up to the greatness of the original. Oh, and if they put Zac Efron in it, I'm out.


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