Melting Dalek Costs Thousands Of Dollars

To get back to one of fandom's favorite refrains, this is a story that will either make you upset about all of those old toys that your parents threw out when you got older... or make you wish that you were young enough to have such toys in the first place. Because this weekend, a rubber Dalek from the 1960s went for three thousand times its original sales price.The somewhat ridiculous-looking toy, which was created during the first round of Doctor Who mania in the mid-60s, originally sold for ten shillings, back in the days before the British monetary system had discovered the power of the number 100. But this weekend, news broke that one of the few remaining ones had sold online for around $3000. (Despite being "[p]ossibly the ugliest Dalek toy of all," according to the Skaro Toy Museum.) And, says toy expert David Howe, that isn't a onetime event:

Since the show was relaunched it has been more popular than anyone could have predicted. Prices for older items have increased accordingly as new people have caught the collecting bug and are trying to own items from their childhood. Now trying to pick up pretty much anything from the 1960s for less £200 pounds is rare.


Now I really wish that I'd kept hold of the talking K-9 I was given for my seventh birthday. The rare 1960s rubber Dalek which cost 50p - and sold at auction for £1,500 [Daily Mail]

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