Melinda May Will Get Her Own One-Shot Comic For SHIELD's 50th Birthday

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SHIELD will turn 50 later this year, and Marvel is celebrating with not just kisses to the organisation’s past, but with a series of one-shot comics featuring SHIELD’s finest female agents, including Agents of SHIELD’s finest badass, Melinda May.


The four female-led one-shots — based around Melinda May, Peggy Carter, Mockingbird and Daisy Johnson/Quake — were announced at C2E2, and will be joined by a similar solo title for Nick Fury, as part of celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of SHIELD, which made its début in 1965’s Strange Tales #135.

The five stories will be loosely connected, and reflect on different aspects of SHIELD’s history and future in the comics. Also, the Nick Fury one-shot will feature time-travel shenanigans teaming up the old Nick Fury with his son, Nick Fury Jr., who happens to very conveniently look a lot like Samuel L. Jackson. Comic books, everyone.

The one-shots aren’t the only new comics that will celebrate the anniversary though. The ninth issue of the current ongoing SHIELD comic, featuring Coulson, May, Fitz and Simmons from Agents of SHIELD, will feature a story that uses original panels from the scrapped “pilot” comic originally planned to début SHIELD 50 years ago. The story, written by Mark Waid, will feature two pages originally drawn by Jack Kirby and inked by Jim Steranko, weaving the tale of a mysterious assassin codenamed DEATH, tracking down Hydra agents. Hoo boy, the Marvel spy world does love it some acronyms, doesn’t it?

SHIELD #9 will be available in August, with the five one-shot comics making their début weekly throughout September.

[Marvel via CBR]


A comic based on the AoS Skye/Quake? Hopefully they save her first real battle/power display for the series proper. I want her vs. Cal!

Also, Skye-quake...