Megatron No Longer Dangerous In Canada

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Megatron may be a seemingly-unstoppable killing machine hellbent on world domination and possession of, depending on your age, the Matrix or the All-Spark, but there is apparently one place on Earth where he is powerless. Beautiful surroundings, socialized healthcare, and now keeping the leader of the Decepticons at bay. Is there anything Canada can't do?The future-Galvatron's problem all started when Canada refused to import the "MP-5 Destron Leader Megatron" toy, because he transforms into a replica Walther model P-38 semi-automatic pistol... which is officially classified as a prohibited device, as replica firearms can't be brought into the country. Thankfully, the Mounties stepped in to investigate:

The border agency hired an RCMP firearms expert to prepare a report, which found the toy gun was in fact about 30-per-cent larger and contained "added elements" when compared to the actual Walther P-38 pistol.


With the authorities stating that, essentially, Megatron was too big to be a real replica gun - never mind that whole "he transforms into a robot" thing - the Canadian International Trade Tribunal stepped in to rule that it was time to end Canada's long and cruel embargo against the 'Tron. Of course, now the poor would-be metallic dictator has to carry the weight of knowing that he's been downgraded from being prohibited andbeing told that he's looking a little bigger than he should. Those Canadians are bastards. Transformers action toy not a restricted weapon []

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@Miranda Kali: There is actually a distinction made between "replica" and "imitation." For theatrical purposes, I think you'd want an imitation, for which you merely must be 18 or older. In any case, the laws are mostly working in Canada. I say mostly, because I teach in one of the worst parts of one of our safest cities. Four students from my school have been killed in the last five years (one subway stabbing, one shot by the cops in the commission of a crime, one shot in a grudge murder, and one shot a few days ago by another criminal while in possession of a gun and on a stated mission to commit a crime). I'm usually pretty smug about being Canadian (fewer wars, better health care, better government services, lower violent crime, higher standard of living, better education system, etc.) but I will acknowledge that things aren't perfect.