Megan And Shia Ready For Action In New Transformers 2 Set Pics

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Click to viewThis morning's spoilers include half a dozen exciting details for the Lost episodes you won't see for another five months... including filming at the house of one of the Oceanic Six. Speaking of set reports, there are new pics of Shia LaBoeuf and Megan Fox, back on the set of Transformers 2. Find out which Heroes character is on her way out, and which subject was too hot for Eleventh Hour's first episode. You can also learn some new details about Ron Moore's psychotic virtual-reality show Virtuality, and look inside the "KITT cave" on Knight Rider. (No, really. The KITT cave.) The Sarah Connor Chronicles serves up some scary Terminator attacks, while Smallville's embarrassing spandex moment is captured on film. And we have pics of Sheppard in trouble, in an upcoming Stargate. Transformers 2: Want proof that Shia is back on the set of Transformers 2, injured hand and all? Here are some set pics. The only other thing they reveal about the movie is that Megan Fox needs to make a lot of adjustments to her chest on a real-time basis. Which could be a plot point. More pics at the link. [SpoilerTV-Movies] Eleventh Hour: The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced remake of the British fear-the-science show is moving its original pilot to become its second or third episode, and filming a new pilot. The original pilot is about human cloning, and the network felt this topic was too dark and controversial. So the new pilot will be sunnier and more clear-cut. [EW] Virtuality: Sci Fi Wire has a run-down of the characters in Virtuality, Ron Moore's new backdoor pilot TV movie about a deep-space crew who escapes into virtual reality. It's all pretty much information we reported months ago, but there are a few new details. The reason why mission commander Frank Pike is re-enacting a Civil War scene is because he's trying to solve a puzzle. The gay couple, Manny and Valentin, don't just do the cooking — they're also a mathematician and geologist, respectively. Married couple Kenji and Alice are both exo-biologists, but with different specialties. Wheelchair-bound "agent of chaos" Jimmy Johnson invented the matter/anti-matter technology that propels the ship, and he's vital to the mission, which is the only reason anybody puts up with him. Julius "Jules" Braun is a longtime NASA scientist who designed the actual ship. Ship's pilot Sue Parsons is an ex-fighter pilot and obsessed with physical activity, which is why her virtual reality modules are all about extreme sports. [Sci Fi Wire] Heroes: If your favorite Heroes character was Monica, Micah's cousin who can imitate any motion she watches, then I have some bad news. She gets written out of the show early on in the third season, and we probably won't be seeing much more of her, says actor Dana Davis. The storyline does pick up from where it left off, with Niki trapped in a burning building and Micah freaked out. And there's always a chance Monica will turn up again, since the Heroes universe is incredibly tiny. [NY Post] And here's another new fancy promo pic, this time focusing on Tracy, the politico formerly known as Niki/Jessica. [Heroes Spoilers] And here's a TV Guide scan that shows Mohinder and Maya getting busy. [Heroes Spoilers] Lost: Another new character joining the cast of island-castaway show Lost: Martha, a smart, attractive Asian-American scientist who's taking time off to raise her baby. And there's speculation that she may be the wife of Marvin Candle aka Pierre Chang, and the mother of the crying baby we heard in his video that was shown at Comic-Con. [EW] Also, the first episode of the season will include another new character, a construction foreman in his 40s or 50s. He's worked hard to get where he is and to provide for his family. He cares about his crew and hates it when the management is condescending or arrogant, but ultimately he knows his place in the pecking order. [Doc Arzt] Meanwhile, speculation is increasing that those two new British characters we mentioned the other day are part of a storyline involving the Black Rock, the 19th century slave ship that crashed on the island. (The one whose First Mate's journal Charles Widmore purchased at auction.) And now it turns out the show is trying to hire a "big black ominous looking ship," plus another ship to chase it. So far, the show has hired the "chase ship," which looks old enough to be from the 1500s. The show will film these sequences in September, off the coast of California. Also, at the show's open casting call over the weekend, one bald African American man was singled out for special attention and asked about his experience. And the casting people were interested in people who could speak any foreign language. They also wanted kids, but especially any boys who were blond haired and blue eyed, from babies to five-year-olds. What does it all mean? [Lost Spoilers] Meanwhile, a trustworthy source (named "Super Sock") claims the first episode of the season is about "several" of the Ocanic Six already coming to terms with their need to return to the island, on their own terms. And the title, "Because You Left," refers not to one character but several characters, in different ways. [Doc Arzt again] Also, filming on the first episode is already underway, including scenes at the house where Kate lives after leaving the island. Seen on set were a man in a doctor's coat, and a blond toddler, who looked around two years old. But no sign of Kate herself. Could Aaron be sick? Also, a second unit was working on some scenes involving Spanish speakers elsewhere. [Hawaii Blog] Sarah Connor Chronicles: After the first episode of the Terminator TV show airs, a lot of people will be suffering from an irrational fear of urinals. [EW] And hey, here's another new promo that includes a shot of Shirley Manson posing by her nice window, and John Connor pouting a lot. Plus some cool melty-face Terminator action.

Smallville: So you already know that Chloe and Davis aka Doomsday will have a bit of romantic chemistry. And this comes into play in episode six, when a bunch of corpses start turn up, the work of an unknown serial killer. Clark suspects Davis, but Chloe insists Davis is innocent, and the friends have a falling out over it. Clark's case is strengthened by the fact that Davis has a blackout whenever a new victim turns up. [EW] And here's a scan of TV Guide's image of the newest iteration of Smallville's Justice League. Is it just me, or do these people look just a smidge silly? [KryptonSite]

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Knight Rider: Because I know you guys get sad when there's no Knight Rider scoopage, here's a video of a visit to the set, which promises you'll be "pleasantly surprised." Also, there's more to Knight Industries than cars and artificial intelligence. (What else is there?) [BuddyTV via Knight Rider Online]

Stargate Atlantis: Here are some high-res promo pics from the tenth episode of the new SGA season, "First Contact." Apparently this is the episode where Dr. Daniel Jackson shows up and seeks Rodney McKay's help finding a hidden lab on the station. And the Daedalus hosts a Wraith delegation for talks concerning Dr. Keller's research. [SpoilerTV]

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I'm pretty sure that Megan Fox adjusting her chest is part of the marketing strategy for Transformers 2. If it were 80 minutes of that and 0.5 minutes of Shia then I might even be tempted to rent it on DVD (not really as pr0n would be an option.)

The Smallville Justice League foto made me laugh because it looked too much like a Superheroes version of Abercrombie and Fitch catalog shot, all it needed was "I'm Too Sexy" playing in the background.