MegaCon Orlando Is on Hold Until 2021, But a Halloween Event Is Planned

A Deadpool cosplayer attending MegaCon Orlando.
A Deadpool cosplayer attending MegaCon Orlando.
Image: Gustavo Caballero (Getty Images)

Like San Diego Comic-Con, Wonder-Con, and Emerald City Comic Con before it, MegaCon Orlando has become the latest major convention to be canceled this year. As you are well aware by this point, the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has made it unsafe for people to congregate in large groups. However, in Florida, that doesn’t mean all events are called off.


Though MegaCon was originally set to be held April 16–19, it was pushed to June 4-7 in the hopes things would improve enough by then. But after a few weeks of continuing to promote the con’s scheduled celebrity guests as usual, organizers finally announced today that the event is now being pushed further to March 18-21, 2021.

Attendees can receive refunds if they want them, but current tickets for this year’s canceled con will also be valid for next year. According to MegaCon’s website, exhibitors are also being contacted to work out arrangements should these latest developments throw a wrench into their plans.

Before next year’s con, however, MegaCon’s organizers are also putting on a “limited edition” version of the event slated to take place during Halloween from October 30-November 1, 2020 at the Orange County Convention Center. The statement reads, “It will have all the excitement of our regular event, but will be incredibly exclusive. In order to ensure a safe experience for our fans, this event will be limited to 25,000 tickets and once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Though 25,000 is significantly smaller than the con’s usual crowd of some 100,000 people, it still remains a bit unclear whether the reduced size will feel safe by this fall.

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So, lets have that discussion. When do you think it will feel safe to have these type of events again?

I’m going to say its going to take at least 3 years before people will feel comfortable doing a crowded convention again.