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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Deadpool talks about his crazy mouth. New Monsters Versus Aliens TV spots. Ron Moore talks The Thing. Doctor Who monster reports! Plus Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Dollhouse, Terminator:SCC, Fringe, Life On Mars, Smallville, and Heroes.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Yet another update on the Deadpool controversy. Ryan Reynolds confirms that the weird figure in the trailer with his mouth sewn shut and the freakish tattoos is him, and that it's Deadpool. "When I'm in the scarred makeup, too... you'll see closer shots, obviously, in the film." You can see in the video, the reporter even asks a follow up question to make absolutely sure "the dude with the mouth sewn shut" is Reynolds, and he says yes. [MTV]


Monsters Versus Aliens:

A couple of pretty hilarious TV spots have been airing the past few days, including some new footage of the monsters meeting Ginormica's family and stuff. This movie may be the only time I ever find Seth Rogen cute.

The Thing:

Scribe Ronald D. Moore repeated that his script is a prequel, and added it's a "companion piece" to John Carpenter's original movie. It links up with the Carpenter film, and doesn't try to reinvent it. A director (Matthijs Van Heijningen) is assigned, and now he's waiting to see if Universal Pictures greenlights it. [Sci Fi Wire]


Doctor Who:

The Tenth Doctor will face creatures from Mars right before he regenerates, according to a report from the Mirror. (But it's not clear if these are Ice Warriors, or some new creatures. Or possibly the guys from "Ambassadors Of Death," who were not technically from Mars, but hung out there.) Also, two villains in the final episodes will be played by Neighbors star Peter O'Brien and "glamorous actress" Gemma Chan. [Mirror]


Battlestar Galactica:

Ron Moore tells Sci Fi Wire it was important for him to deliver a finale that tied up most of the loose ends and left a few people dead. (From which I infer, not everybody dies?) [Sci Fi Wire]


Also, the first hour and a half of the finale is so intense, you'll be breathless. And Mary McDonnell, in particular, will have you in tears more than once. A ton of questions will be answered, including some you'd think they wouldn't have time to address. [TV Guide]


That mystery upcoming death? Apparently, it's not Sawyer. Also, don't expect to see Nikki again on the show this spring. [E! Online]


What's going on with Young Ben in the upcoming episodes of Lost? Actor Sterling Beaumon explains:

You're going to find out how Ben became the mean, cruel Ben that he is today. And you're going to find out about the roots of the island and how the island became the island. ... In two of the episodes, I'm really not doing a lot, but you just see me a lot, and you'll see what I mean by that.


And he says he's not really doing an impression of Michael Emerson, for a reason that will become apparent. [Sci Fi Wire]

There are six pages from the season finale script that detail some huge twist, which only the actors involved get to have... and Elizabeth Mitchell says she's not one of those people. And Juliet has a lot of insecurity over Kate coming back, and how Sawyer will react. [TV Guide]



This week's episode will make you gasp at least once, and possibly rewind to see if someone said what you thought he/she said. And the episode features one of the best hand-to-hand fight scenes ever, a "cool reveal" about the Dollhouse's business model, and lots of shirtless Tahmoh Penikett. [TV Guide]


Also, this Friday's episode is Sierra-centric, and focuses on a documentary about the "urban legend" of the Dollhouse. There's some "sexy time" going on "behind the scenes" in the house, and some of it involves Sierra. And as we've mentioned, Echo and Paul also come face to face. [E! Online]]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The official description of the season's penultimate episode, "Adam Raised A Cain," fills me with giddy excitement:

When John attempts to rescue Skynet's latest target he finds himself closing in on Weaver, but at what cost? Game plans change, causing Sarah and Ellison to reunite. Meanwhile, Weaver learns Ellison's secrets.


[Sarah Connor Society]


When we find out what Peter's "condition" is, we'll understand why Walter has been so desperately attached to him, and so concerned about him. [TV Guide]


Life On Mars:

Producer Josh Appelbaum hints that the American version of this time-stranded cop drama will have a very different ending than the U.K. version. But he also seems to be saying both Sams are in a coma, so it's hard to tell. [Slice Of Scifi]



Meteor freaks start dying out in Metropolis, but Doomsday may not be to blame. [E! Online]



Angela and Peter Petrelli are on the run together, now that the Hunter is in charge. They hide out in a church on Monday, and then after that they go "someplace special." And Angela has a big role in the rest of the season's episodes. [E! Online]


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.

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