2000AD, Dan Dare and Star Wars artist Gary Erskine provides an impressive new take on Judge Dredd's futuristic American dystopia Mega-City One with this new "digital sketch" of the lawman's lawless city.

Erskine's cityscape - the full-size version of which is available at his blog - was, surprisingly, pulled together in only a few hours, according to the artist:

A bit of work trying to pull in all the seperate elements and lots of colour correcting but [I'm p]leased with final version... not bad considering it was completed over a Saturday afternoon and early evening.


He describes the image as

trying to capture the sheer scale of the city. The Sergio Leone close up of Dredd is a deliberate attempt to force a contrast of scale to image and there is more than a passing nod to Blade Runner, Fifth Element and AKIRA too.

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