Meet Young Doctor Horrible In New Fanmade Prequel

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Who knew that Dr. Horrible would turn out to be such a fruitful franchise? In addition to the official Sing-Along Blog, soundtrack and spin-off comics, there's now an unauthorized prequel on its way. And, yes, this one has songs too.


The fan-made Horrible Turn describes its legal status in the following, appropriately Whedonesque way:

Any similarity to the characters created by Joss Whedon is, like, totally a coincidence. And by 'coincidence' we mean accidental. And by 'accidental' we mean fortunate. And by 'fortunate' we mean intentional. And by 'intentional' we mean unauthorized.


While we're unconvinced that Dr. Horrible needed any backstory in addition to what we saw in the original web series (And, no, that doesn't includes you, authorized comics), we're kind of taken by the trailer for Horrible Turn:

Horrible Turn trailer from Horrible Turn on Vimeo.

Does this mean the movie will live up to its inspiration? We only have to wait until November 10th to find out.

[Horrible Turn] (Via Whedonesque)

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I will give it a chance, but I'm not sure I love the "kid version" angle. It usually doesn't fare very well in official sequel/prequel (ex: Dumb and Dumberer 2, Muppets Babies, the new direct-to-dvd live-action Scooby-Doo)Also, the young Dr. Horrible (assuming it's him), look a little bit too "bully" for my tastes. The girl looks cute, tough.#drhorriblessingalongblog