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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Have a couple of cardboard cutouts revealed new characters in Transformers 3? Paul director Greg Mottola explains which Spielberg films he watched as research. And Bill Murray puts another nail in the coffin of Ghostbusters 3. Full spoilers ahead!

Transformers 3:

Another day, another explosion of set photos. ("Explosion" is the collective noun for Transformers 3 set photos, just like a murder of crows or a whoop of gorillas.) It's not clear at this point whether anyone in Chicago is doing anything other than hanging around the set and taking photos: [Transformers Live and SpoilerTV]


A mysterious cardboard cutout has been spotted on set. The cutouts are used to help the actors with their sight lines when talking to the Transformers. The cutout has glasses and white hair and hasn't been seen before. It's not known who it is, but it isn't Kup or Preceptor, according to Michael Bay's official site. Unless this is part of one of Bay's patented misinformation campaigns. [Transformers News]

And another cutout has been spotted. This one is thought to be almost certainly Shockwave. [Transformers News]

Finally, the armored, NASCAR-like cars spotted earlier in the shoot apparently are neither Omnibots nor Stunticons. (Stunticons!? Just when I thought this franchise couldn't get any more ludicrous.) That again is the word from Michael Bay's official forums. [Shoot For The Edit]

X-Men - First Class:

Producer Bryan Singer confirms that, for reasons still not entirely understood, he really did want Taylor Lautner to join the movie's cast, but his schedule didn't allow for it. Also, Singer isn't involved at all with Wolverine 2. [Blastr]


Ghostbusters 3:

Bill Murray offers another refreshingly candid (if disappointing) update on where the project stands - Harold Ramis convinced him the project could work because they had a couple great writers working on the script, and then those same writers produced Year One, which Murray says he has it on good authority is a total piece of shit. So now he's just as pessimistic as ever that anyone could do it justice, and it's really just the studios that want it to happen anyway. Basically, don't get your hopes up... [GQ]



Director Greg Mottola says all the sequences set at Comic Con only comprise the first ten or so minutes of the movie, and might end up as being little more than a pre-credits sequence. He also mentions Steven Spielberg's very early movies like Duel and Sugarland Express as films that influenced his approach to the movie, because they are also road movies set in the Southwest. [Cinematical]


Rise of the Apes:

Tom Felton, best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, is joining the Planet of the Apes prequel. He plays the son of Brian Cox's character, the ruthless owner of a primate sanctuary. [/Film]


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Three new short featurettes are out looking at different parts of the filmmaking process:


Here are a couple of new stills from the next project from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan, the hopefully not completely risible Devil: [IGN]


True Blood:

Director Scott Winant says this season has the lowest body count, with very few characters dying. Also, Jason Stackhouse will next be falling in with the road crew. [E! Online]


Here's a promo from the sixth episode, "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues":

Doctor Who:

Karen Gillan, speaking from something called the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final at Cowdray Park Polo Club (oh, those crazy Brits), says there's no truth to the rumors about Matt Smith leaving, and that the atmosphere on set is great. If you're dead set on worrying, it should be pointed out she doesn't say how long Smith is sticking around - it could be just this coming series or it could be the next ten series and she'd be equally correct in saying he's sticking around - but let's do ourselves a favor and just consider this matter settled for now. Matt Smith is staying. (Until he isn't.) [The Guardian]


The Walking Dead:

Longtime badass Michael Rooker had this to say about his character in a recent interview:

I play a character named Merle…you know, the Southern name "Merle"…a new character to the Robert Kirkman graphic novel.


He also says Frank Darabont is his new best friend. [Dread Central]

Norman Reedus, best known from his work in The Boondock Saints (I imagine he's also been in stuff that's, you know, good), has announced he will be joining the cast, though we don't yet know who he's playing. [ShockTillYouDrop]


The Cape:

Here's a new image from NBC's superhero series. It shows the best view yet of the hero's costume, which looks... interesting: [KSiteTV]


The Event:

Here are a couple clips from the upcoming conspiracy-minded series. What did the president know, and when did he know it?
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