Meet Torchwood's Children In July

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Set your alarm clocks. Torchwood's return is only two months away. BBC America has confirmed that they'll be showing the five-part "Children of Earth" in July, thus also confirming the UK airdate.


We've known for awhile that Torchwood's experimental third season - five episodes to be shown nightly over the course of a week - was going to be previewed on June 12th at the British National Film Theater, as well as that BBC America planned to show the episodes simultaneously with their British broadcast, but BBCA confirmed yesterday that the episodes would be shown at some point in July, and presumably before this year's San Diego Comic-Con (unless they want to lose some of their potential audience).

'Torchwood' to return in July with 'Children of Earth' [Chicago Tribune]

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Huzzah! I do love Torchwood, in a sort of "I love brownies covered in melted chocolate" way.