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The Isaac Asimov estate has authorized a new trilogy in his ever-expanding Robot/Foundation universe, this time focusing on the early life of the Good Doctor's most famous robopsychologist. And it looks like there are also more I, Robot movies coming.


Publisher's Marketplace reported last week that Mickey Zucker Reichert, a fantasy author best known for the Renshai series, has just completed Robots and Chaos. Set during the I, Robot era in Asimov's chronology (which I think was around 2004, if I've done my math right), the prequel focuses on the early days of Susan Calvin as she completes her medical internship. The book is said to be a mix of quintessentially Asimov hard science fiction and Michael Crichton-like medical thriller, with a heavy emphasis on the shifting definitions of humanity after the creation of robots. There will be a race against time to safeguard our way of life.

Reichert will be the first female author to write in Asimov's universe and the first to explore the time of Susan Calvin. Her work joins such previous authorized additions as the second Foundation trilogy, written by Greg Bear, David Brin, and Gregory Benford, as well as Roger MacBride Allen's Caliban books.


The report also claims a new I, Robot movie property has been sold to 20th Century Fox, the makers of the Will Smith adaptation. It's unclear whether the property in question is Reichert's new book or something else. Either way, between this and the upcoming Foundation and End of Eternity movies, now seems like a pretty good time to be one of the Good Doctor's books, be it of the Asimov or quasi-Asimov variety.

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