The protagonist of Madéleine Flores' webcomic Help Us! Great Warrior knows that just because you're good at swinging a sword, that doesn't mean that you have to put away your teddy bears and bows. She protects her village with the help of snack foods, magic, and some really cute outfits.

There is plenty of silliness in Flores webcomic (and if you've read her other comics, you know that Flores has elevated silliness to an art form). Amidst the gruff humanoid warriors with their battle scars and drunken commiserating, the Great Warrior is an anomaly; she sips apple juice, carries a heart-shaped shield, and is rarely without a bag of chips. She doesn't let the horrors of battle distract her from her boy-craziness, and she never fails to remind everyone how adorable she is. She also takes down gruesome monsters without a hint of fear. It's little wonder that she's beloved by the people in her village.


There's also a lot of joy in Great Warrior's girly eccentricities. Sure, she can be selfish and lazy, and she'll claim your pizza is cursed so she can eat it all, but she's also thoroughly happy with who she is. And no one, not her fellow warriors, not the monsters she battles, not her friends and allies, thinks there is anything particularly odd about her. Sometimes the Great Warrior isn't the sharpest sword in the shop (Not wearing your amulet of immortality because it clashes with your outfits? Tsk.), but she is a great warrior after all, and her love for bunnies and candy is simply taken for granted.

[Help Us! Great Warrior]


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