Meet The Woman Who Pulls Joss Whedon's Puppet Strings

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Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, about an amnesiac puppet (Eliza Dushku) who can be programmed to be anyone and have any skills, got another castmember today. Olivia Williams, who was Bruce Willis' wife in The Sixth Sense, will play Adelle, who runs the Dollhouse and ruthlessly crushes anyone who gets in her way. (But she's secretly lonely.) In a separate piece of casting news, Ving Rhames has joined the cast of Willis' new movie Surrogates, which we covered earlier today. Rhames will play the leader of a cult that believes people shouldn't only interact using robotic avatars, but should meet up in meatspace. Image by Wenn. [TV Guide, Moviehole]


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Ed Grabianowski

@kromekoran: As soon as I saw her name there, I immediately thought, "Ah, my Postman-loving acolytes will be howling about this. Muhahahahahaha."