This angry bald-headed green space monster is the new Han Solo

George Lucas worked for a long time on his various early versions of The Star Wars, and the movie that was eventually released in 1977 had a lot of crucial help from his film editor wife and producer pals and director friends. But now his old drafts are being turned into a pricey comic book. Meet the new "Han Solo."


Meet the wildly different heroes of Dark Horse's The Star Wars comic

It's less than a month until the first issue of The Star Wars debuts, Dark Horse's adaptation of George Lucas's vastly different first draft of Star Wars. This trailer for the comic introduces old Luke Skywalker, young Annikin Starkiller and lizard Han Solo, as well as some of the galaxy's new sights... and dangers.

The first issue of the 8-issue series, written by LucasBooks Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler and drawn by the incredible Mike Mayhew, hits stands on September 4th. We can't wait!