Federico D'Alessandro was the Avengers movie's animatics supervisor, and he just released a bevy of beautiful videos for storyboarded scenes that didn't make in into the finished film. Most of them are Iron Man scenes, but one of them reveals how close the superheroine The Wasp was to making it into the movie.

If you watch the "Final Act Part I" video above, you can see a small flying person at about 0:17 — clearly Janet Van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp. The rest of the scene plays out mostly like you saw it in the movie, although the iconic pan-around shot includes two ladies, one of them the gun-wielding Black Widow, presumably meaning the other is the Wasp.


But that's not all. D'Alessandro released animatics for three other scenes. First up — what was apparently going to be Iron Man's introduction, as he takes care of some illegal weapons, the soldiers of some oppressive regime, and a dude with bionic limbs:

Next, here's a version of Loki's escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ with the Cosmic Cube, where he takes a rail car and Iron Man does the chasing instead of Maria Hill. This scene also includes Hawkeye getting some early awesomeness in:

And last but certainly not least is an extended version of the scene between Tony Stark and Loki on the top of Stark Tower, where Loki tries to put Tony under his spell:

These are all so great. Not that I have any problem with how the movie ended up, but I can't help wish they'd made it in — especially the Wasp — if only so there would have been more Avengers to watch. Failing that, I also wish these had been on the damn Blu-ray.

[Via Comic Book News]

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