While the Marvel heroine Valkyrie has been rocking it in Defenders comics off and on for over 40 years, the Norse warrior goddess has so far been absent from the Marvel movie-verse. But as this new concept art reveals, Brunnhilde almost made her debut in Thor 2: The Dark World!


The designs come from excellent concept artist Josh Nizzi, who recently uploaded them to his website, along with a bunch of unused bad guy designs. What do you think? I'm cool with any of the looks, but at the same time, Thor 2 was absolutely packed with characters, and they definitely didn't need to try to introduce Valkyrie in there as well. But how awesome would it be if Valkyrie makes a cameo in Thor 3, and then joins Marvel and Netflix's Defenders TV series? I get as flustered as Jane Foster looking at Thor's abs just thinking about it.

[Via MoviePilot]


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