Meet The Unsung Hero Of Wall-E's World

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Forget that rusty trash compactor — the new robot rage in Pixar-land is BURN-E, the plucky welder whom you only glimpsed in the Wall-E movie. New pictures from the Disney short BURN-E give you a glimpse of the robot mayhem that appears as an extra on the WALL-E DVD. The three-disc special DVD comes out November 18. A gallery of robot goodness awaits you.Thanks to the Pixar Blog, we now have a closer look at the other robots that inhabit WALL-E's world of giant babies and robot workers. This is BURN-E, and if you can't tell by the name he's a robot welder. This 7-minute short tells the tale of one little welder that is trying to install a replacement lamp on a starliner, and then gets locked out. He has to try and find his way back inside the Axiom. I'm assuming that calamity and adorable robot hijinks await our fiery little friend. [Pixar Blog]


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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

That 2nd picture made me realize how Star Wars seems to've been a big inspiration in ship design. Think I was too distracted to notice during the movie, since I realizing how spookily WALL-E seemed to remind myself of- well- me! Right down to the blue-eyed love interest that doesn't pay attention to him at the start.