The He-Man movie has been languishing in development hell for almost a decade now, and I don't really know if that's ever going to change, But just in case, Fox has tapped three potential directors for the theoretical film, and they are totally not who you'd expect.

According to The Wrap, the three font-runners are:

• Harold Zwart, who directed the new Karate Kid movie, The Pink Panther 2, and Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


• Mike Cahill, director of the scifi indie Another Earth

• Chris McKay, who's never directed but was editor on The Lego Movie

More bizarrely, McKay is apparently the front-runner of the front-runners, because The Lego Movie was just that damned good. Personally, as a ridiculous He-Man fan, I find myself strangely okay with this choice, or even Cahill. Really, anybody who hasn't directed a modern Pink Panther movie is okay by me.

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