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Meet The Star-Lord In Our Exclusive Guardians Of The Galaxy's Footage

Get personal with the stunted space child of the '80s, Peter Quill (also known as Star-Lord) in this exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy featurette. The footage showcases the number one reason we're deeply excited for GOTG, Chris Pratt. And yes, he's talking about space hijinks and arguing with a CG raccoon.


This is an inside look at the life of the only human character in the GOTG gang, Peter Quill. It also brings back that "almost kissing" scene between Gamora and Quill. Will they or won't they? I don't know! Honestly, I just want more footage of Rocket Raccoon and Peter bickering. Who knew this dynamic would turn out so great? (Well, as great as it looks in the trailers and clips.) Fingers crossed for this one, guys.

Guardians of the Galaxy will premiere on August 1st, 2014.

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The more I watch these trailers for GOTG, the more Star-Lord starts to remind me of someone...