Meet The Spock Cat!

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Some spam-blogger decided to auto-generate a Star Trek page, and accidentally crafted a work of brilliance. First of all, instead of getting a picture of Spock, they pulled in someone's photo of a cat that has the most Spock-like expression you've ever seen. Also, there are quotes from Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine where they seem to be speaking English as a second language. Highly illogical! Spam blog informs us:

Zachary Quinto on Spock: “I truly associate to the duality of his perspective. I consider all the materials that Spock is famous for - the logic versus the emotion, the human versus the alien - are at the basic of his travel in this film. I feel he’s less filtered in his ability to deal with them.” Chris Pine on Kirk: “Kirk is the bombastic, charged, emotional, angry, vulnerable guy - he finds to screen all sides at 100 % complete throttle. He’s everywhere. To rob a line from this election, he’s a maverick.”


Whoa, is Kirk everywhere? Or does he associate to the duality of his perspective? It's so hard to say.

Illustration for article titled Meet The Spock Cat!

[Spam Blog and Bad Spock]

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That cat's got lovin' on his mind.

I guess he's in pon farr. (pon furr? I'm going to hell.)