Meet the real people who loaned their faces to Archer's goofy spies

In order to get the wonderful range of physical expressiveness we see in each episode of Archer, the animation team took thousands of photos of real people who would serve as models for the two-dimensional characters. And there are some interesting stories about the faces behind the faces—and why the production team chose these models in lieu of the voice actors.


Vulture has a full slideshow comparing the Archer characters to their models, as well as a bit of background behind the choices. Certainly the balding, bearded H. Jon Benjamin would make a poor choice for the handsome superspy he plays, so the animators cast former model Jason Fitzgerald (up top) as Sterling Archer's model. (Apparently, his casting serves as a great pickup line in bars.) The producers didn't want to subject Jessica Walter, who voices Malory Archer, to the hundreds of modeling photos they needed, and decided instead to cast Atlanta actress Kathleen Cohen, who looks a bit like Walter, but with harder features.

There is one Archer voice actor who actually served as a model, and surprisingly, it's not Chris Parnell. (The real model for Cyril Figgis is, according to Archer executive producer Matt Thompson, as well endowed as his counterpart.) Lucky Yates, who voices Dr. Krieger, is himself the model for field agent Ray Gillette.

Check out Vulture for all of the photos and amusing details. And yes, they show the model for Lana wearing a thigh-high Lana dress.

See the Real Models for the Archer Characters [Vulture via Rahzzah]


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