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It looks like Duncan Jones might have generated his first player-characters in his upcoming Warcraft movie. Bleeding Cool reports that the cast will include the well-known Warcraft characters Khadgar, Medivh and Lothar; alas, there are no Pandarians (...yet).


Old spoilers for the Warcraft game, and I guess potentially new spoilers for the Warcraft movie ahead.

In the game, Khadgar is an apprentice wizard under Medivh, although BC reports that in the movie he will be a knight who is "a young consul to the Kirin Tor senate, rulers of the city of Dalaran," and who investigates a series of murders both inside and outside the town. That's Khadgar pictured above, for the record.


There's less discrepancy with Medivh, who is a wizard and demonslayer both in the game and in these early cast reports, who is trying to atone for opening up the portal that let the demons into the world of Azeroth. Medivh is actually killed by his friend Lothar before returning later as a prophet.

Speaking of Lothar, his movie description seems to jibe with his game description, which is "knight champion of the Kingdom of Azeroth (later known as the Kingdom of Stormwind) during the First War, and the supreme commander of the armies of the Alliance of Lordaeron" (courtesy of the WoW Wiki).

It remains to be seen whether 1) this cast list is accurate and 2) if the discrepancies mean the movie will be simplifying the insane Warcraft mythos for audiences, or if they've merely simplified it on the cast sheets for the poor, drug-addled Hollywood executives who need to read and approve it.

What say you, Warcraft players? Does this level of authenticity surprise you, impress you, or annoy you? Is there a better Warcraft tale to tell than this one?


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