Illustration for article titled Meet the Obliterary Journal, dedicated to wiping literary fiction off the face of the Earth

Pulp fiction is getting a shot in the arm — and some totally gorgeous art — from Chennai-based publishers Blaft. The brainchild of mathematician Rakesh Khanna, Blaft has already published The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction Vol. 1 & 2. And now they're putting out a new comics anthology series, The Obliterary Journal. Khanna explains to NH7:

The name of the journal is derived from the concept of Obliteracy: the doctrine that written literature without illustrations, and especially "literary fiction", has reached the end of its usefulness to human society, and that we must now strive to obliterate it entirely from the face of the earth. This can best be achieved by encouraging people to read comics about extraterrestrial robots, bleeding lizards, exploding donkeys, and defecating cyclopses.


Among the other great stuff in the first volume is a story "written and meditated" by a blender, Durrrrk Mixer Grinder Serial No. 30277 XM03. Plus Yukichi Yamamatsu, Zen Marie and others. [NH7, thanks Liz!]

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