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One of Batman's most formidable foes will be setting his sights on the Emerald Archer in season 3 of Arrow, and know we know who will be wearing Ra's Al Ghul's sinister facial hair: Matt Nable, an Australian actor probably best known as Boss Johns in 2013's Riddick.


Nable's casting seems to be in line with Liam Neeson's portrayal of the villain in Batman Begins. No offense to Nable, but I was kind of hoping that the ancient Arabian villain would be... well, not just another white dude. The world has no shortage of fantastic Arab actors, and the fact that the half-Taiwanese Katrina Law was cast in season 2 as his daughter Nyssa led me to hope that Ra's would have some kind of Asiatic, non-Caucasian ethnicity. I'm sure Nable will be fine — Arrow has cast very well so far — but I hate when these opportunities to increase on-screen diversity get missed

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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