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Meet the New Star Wars Pilots Starring in Alphabet Squadron

The gang’s all here.
The gang’s all here.
Image: Del Ray Books

X, U, A, Y, and B. Put them all together and what’s that spell? Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron, a brand new book from author Alexander Freed that’s kicking off a whole trilogy of new post-Return of the Jedi stories.


In Alphabet Squadron, a New Republic general by the name of Hera Syndulla (maybe you’ve heard of her) puts together a team of five pilots, each of whom will fly a different classification of ship (X, U, A, Y, and B of course) to hunt down a similarly skilled and mysterious Imperial group of pilots called Shadow Wing. Hera’s first recruit is Yrica Quell, an Imperial pilot who defected after the Battle of Endor, who’ll fly an X-Wing. She was revealed a few months back. And this week, Del Ray Books introduced the rest of her crew. Here they are...


Del Ray didn’t reveal any more than that about Kairos, but she flies the U-Wing.

Del Ray also tweeted “P.S. Wyl Lark’s favorite part of Dooku: Jedi Lost is definitely the part with the dragon” which seems like some kind of tease. He flies the A-Wing.


Seems like Nath has a score to settle. Also from Del Ray: “Additional Nath fact: He is the lone survivor of his unit. And the culprits? None other than Shadow Wing.” He flies the Y-Wing.


Finally, some fun facts on Chass, who flies the B-Wing: “She keeps a collection of music in her B-wing to listen to (and sing-a-long with) during battle. One of her fallen heroes? Jyn Erso.”

Nice to see some Jyn Erso love out there in the galaxy!

And, as previously reported, the Alphabet Squadron’s nemesis, Shadow Wing, is featured in a Marvel comic series called TIE Fighter, which is now out.


These seem like some very complex, cool, new Star Wars characters—characters we wouldn’t mind reading a trilogy about. We’ll get to do that starting in June with Alphabet Squadron.


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I’m going to preface this with the following: I was a *massive* fan of the X-Wing books that came out in the late 90s/early 00s. You could not tell me that Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron were not the hottest shit in the galaxy.

This feels like it could be very Wraith Squadron-esque. I can get down with that. But they have very big shoes to fill...