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So by now, you've watched, re-watched and dissected the Watchmen trailer frame-by-frame. But did you notice that, in all of the promotion that we've seen about Zach Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' famous comic, one character in particular seems to be missing?Comic Book Resources' Timothy Callahan is worried by the lack of information about the movie's Captain Metropolis. And if you're thinking "Captain who?" then you've not been reading closely enough:

Captain Metropolis doesn't even seem to have a role in the movie. He will apparently show up as a member of the Minutemen - we've seen a still photo from the film which confirms that - but there's no actor listed in the role on the Internet Movie Database. Obviously SOMEbody plays the role, but since he's not listed, it probably won't be much of one. Clearly a lesser role than he has in the comic book, because in the comic book, he's one of the most essential supporting characters in the story. He's a pretty big deal, with his pudgy figure and fancy jodhpurs. I'll go out on a limb and say that Captain Metropolis is the glue that holds "Watchmen" together.


The interesting thing, Callahan suggests, is that while Metropolis provides a much-needed optimism and humanity to the comic, his back story - while created by Alan Moore - didn't really appear in the Watchmen series itself, but in a then-contemporary role playing game co-written by Moore than seems to be forgotten by fans and moviemakers alike. When Words Collide [Comic Book Resources]


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