Meet The Memory-Wiped Astronauts Of Syfy's New Show Dark Matter

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This Friday, June 12, Dark Matter will premiere on Syfy. Created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie (The Stargate shows), and based on their comic book of the same name, Dark Matter follows the crew of the spaceship, who wake up from stasis with no memories whatsoever. Here’s a video for each of the crew, letting you get to know them before they know themselves.


We’ve got seven videos with the cast and creators discussing each character and their place in this new show. There are a lot of great science fiction archetypes being introduced and played with here and we’re pretty excited to see it all unfold.

First up, “One” (Marc Bendavid), the outsider:

“Four” (Alex Mallari Jr.), the quiet guy — who has swords. Because what is space without swords?:

“Five” (Jodelle Ferland), the tech prodigy:

“Six” (Roger Cross), the mercenary with a heart:

And the Android (Zoie Palmer):

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