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Meet The Masked Karimbah

Illustration for article titled Meet The Masked Karimbah

Behold the Masked Karimbah, the first character to make the jump from the mind of comic book artist Paul Pope to the real world, thanks to the magical toy elves at Kid Robot. The image above is Pope's artwork for the packaging of the two-piece figure that'll get an exclusive limited edition release at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and under the jump you can see Pope's design for the figure and a preview shot of the toy itself.

Illustration for article titled Meet The Masked Karimbah

On his blog, Pope introduced the character and figure:

We wanted to do a line of THB [Pope's long-running series set on Mars] toys, but decided if we do that, it'd be better to wait until the THB series launches, in order to not further confuse people. I took in a number of other ideas, from the relatively mundane to the wildly surreal (Karimbah is in the latter category), and we all preferred the Karimbah— who is technically a THB character (he's a character on a kid's show in the THB universe). From there we did months of design work, including lots of back-and-forths with the sculptor and the factory, based on the dozens of design model sheets I drew up. There were lots of details and problems we needed to get right in the prototype stages, as is to be expected. I also did an original comics story, which appears in an exclusive "Masked Karimbah" comic book, found inside the box... and the box design itself. Kid Robot says it is the most complicated and challenging toy design they've tackled yet (Karimbah's dog is the size of an actual little Boston Terrier).

Illustration for article titled Meet The Masked Karimbah

Karimba [Pulphope]

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Chris Braak

@russdanger: Actually, Archie and Jughead had a short-lived science fiction cartoon called "Archie's Weird Mysteries." I think we could do with more posts on that.

And also, didn't Archie have a friend that was some kind of nerd scientist? Always cloning things and building robots?

I say, more Archie and Jughead!