One of the strangest outcomes of the lawsuit surrounding the movie rights to Watchmen is that producer Larry Gordon stands to profit - and lose - big if the movie's a huge success. Here's why.

Gordon - thought by many, including Warner Bros., to be responsible for the confusion over the rights to the graphic novel - has such a great deal as producer of the Zack Snyder movie that he gets a share in the profits... but, because of the lawsuit between Fox and Warners, he also may owe Warners their legal fees from losing the case. The Hollywood Reporter explained:

The better the film does, the more he could pocket as a profit participant but the more he might have to fork over to make Warners whole. That's because Warners claims its agreements with Gordon contain an indemnity clause requiring the producer to reimburse it for any unforeseen problems with the pic.

Neither Gordon nor his litigation lawyer Dale Kinsella would comment, but they have maintained in court filings that Gordon is not responsible for the litigation and owes Warners nothing. Reps for Warners also declined to comment, but several sources said the studio plans to aggressively pursue Gordon for the settlement costs. In court papers Warners said Gordon should be liable "for all damages Warner Bros. suffers as a result of Fox's claims."


It gets better; Gordon himself is blaming his lawyers for the whole mess, and is asking that their malpractice insurance contribute towards any potential costs. Never mind the movie, the legal shenanigans surrounding it are entertainment enough to justify Alan Moore's filmic wrath.

'Watchmen' suit puts producer in odd position [Hollywood Reporter]

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