Artist and io9 comrade-in-hanging-out Marcelo Gallegos has tipped us to his delightful yokai mash-up creation, the Kappa Leprechaun. This little guy is the hybrid of A.) those diminutive bastards who bedeviled Darby O'Gill; and B.) flatulent Japanese water sprites. Explains Marcelo of this wee creature:

Swimming from Japan's disused waterways (via Ireland) into your home, Kappa the Leprechaun is ready to fill your heart (and your pint glass!) with holiday mirth [...] just don't dip into his pot o' gold ('cause we all saw those Leprechaun movies and that dude is NOT messin' around).


You can find this guy on St. Patrick's Day cards at Marcelo's Etsy page, along with other friendly monsters, like the romantic Cthulhu of Paradise.

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