Meet the Illuminate Faction of Supreme Commander 2

Three factions-Cybran, Illuminate, and United Earth Federation (UEF)-control the Supreme Commander 2 galaxy. Illuminate fulfilled its own prophecy by defending itself against Earth Empire incursions and eventually waging war against the other factions.

The Seraphim were first discovered during a deep space exploration mission. The aliens passed on their philosophy called The Way to Dr. Jane Burke, one of the members of the expedition. She formed the Aeon Illuminate to spread the word and avoid what she believed was a future full of warfare and destruction.


When the Seraphim invaded thousands of years later, a large percentage of the Aeon Illuminate population sided with the Seraphim and formed the Order of the Illuminate. They fought against the Aeon and its leader, Princess Rhianne Burke. The Princess was lost when the Seraphim were defeated, and the Order was effectively dismantled. However, its members remained in the populace.

The newly elected Aeon Illuminate leadership placated the remaining fundamentalist Order members by renaming the faction to its common, shared name: The Illuminate.


In the following video, Chris Taylor, lead designer of Supreme Commander 2, explains some of the Illuminate's attributes:

Find out more just-released info about the other two factions by clicking here for Cybran and here for UEF.


Supreme Commander 2 hits shelves next month. Check out the trailer below!

ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+ with Fantasy Violence


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