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Looks like the Dr. Strange movie has gone a future possibility to a definite addition to Marvel's cinematic slate. THR is reporting that Marvelis considering four potential directors for the film, all of whom seemingly have nothing in common with each other.


The four directors are:

• Mark Andrews, who co-directed and co-wrote Brave

• Jonathan Levine, who directed 50/50 and Warm Bodies

• Nikolaj Arcel, who wrote the screenplay for the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and directed the foreign film A Royal Affair


• Dean Israelite, who directed the upcoming time travel flick Welcome to Yesterday and that's pretty much it

That's quite the disparate group. Seeing as two of the candidates are practically unknowns, it's impossible to say if there'e a frontrunner right now, or who might be best to try and figure out how to bring magic into the Marvel cinematic universe. I imagine we'll get a hint of what Marvel's plans are when we see the Scarlet Witch in action in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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