Meet the First Inductees into the Evil League of Evil

Hundreds of aspiring villains submitted their video applications to become members of the Evil League of Evil and earn a spot on the Dr. Horrible DVD. Check out the videos of those found worthily evil.

Joss Whedon and his co-conspirators on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog asked fans to submit their own video applications to the Evil League of Evil, promising that if applicants could win over the likes of Fake Thomas Jefferson, Dead Bowie, and Bad Horse, their video would earn a place of honor on the Dr. Horrible DVD.


A review of the DVD at CliqueClack TV mentions three standouts among the fan-made applications. Above is Tur-Mohel, an actual Jewish Mohel fond of puns (that's his "Minyan" standing behind him) and foreskin-themed crime. Below is Mr. Terrible, whose application takes an appropriately Gilbert and Sullivan-esque turn. Terrible assures us that he's far more evil than Dr. Horrible, but still takes time out to talk to his mother:

The Evil League of Evil gets a legacy candidate in Lord Stabbington, a polite British chap who was more than a little ambivalent in accepting his ancestral duty of patricide:

The rest of the highlighted applications will be on the DVD, due out this Friday, December 19.


[via CliqueClack TV via Whedonesque]

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papercup mixmaster

I will not reveal any secret identities, but Tur-Mohel is an actor from my home town. I've seen him on stage a lot, for a long time, and he really is fabulous. Not to suggest that there is typecasting in Shakespeare, but he did a truly phenomenal Shylock. I've probably said too much...