Meet the First Avatar in an action-packed new Legend of Korra trailer

The spirit world is going to hell in Book Two of Legend of Korra, debuting this Friday on Nickelodeon. Or is better to say the regular world is going to some hellish spirits? Either way, it looks like Korra has her work cut out for her.


Luckily she has help from the first Avatar ever — but when dark spirits rampage through the cities themselves, will that be enough? We'll see at 7pm on this Friday, during Korra's one-hour premiere. (Well, actually, we'll probably see over the course of the entire season, not just the first episode, but that seemed like the best segue to remind you of the show's upcoming airdate. Sorry if I got your hopes up.)

[Via The Mary Sue]

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Two things I got from this:

-The first Avatar lived hundreds if not thousands of years ago, shouldnt he be speaking a different language incomprehensible to Korra?

-Why are cartoons so afraid of using the word "kill"? Nobody says in real life that their family will be "destroyed" or "wiped out" they say "kill".