Meet The Feline Guardians Of America's Comic Book Stores

Faster than a speeding roadrunner, able to leap tall bookshelves in a single bound, these mild-mannered creatures possess extraordinary superpowers—which perhaps explains why they would feel right at home in a comic book store.

The Dodo animal blog profiles several of these heroic felines—many of whom were strays—by telling us their origin stories, special superpowers and, of course, recommending cat-themed reading material. Tawna Lewis, whose comic book store is home for Dizzy (top), recommends Tales of Honor, a comic series set in a future world where super-intelligent six-legged cats hang out in trees.


Meanwhile, at FatJack's ComiCrypt in Philadelphia, three cats reveal the uncanny special abilities that make them a formidable team:

Like the Blob, the mighty Levi is immovable, and often chooses to demonstrate this power by napping in the middle of the store's busiest aisles. Claire's fine-tuned sense for danger lets her make herself invisible in a moment's notice. And Shoene's powerful premonitions allow her to just happen to be sleeping in the exact box where a customer was hoping to shop.

Meet more comic book cats at The Dodo.

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