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A black cat sprouting long hairs from its head that look like horns has become an online celebrity in Japan—which is fitting in a country that has a long history of supernatural felines in its folklore.


Update (2014.07.02)

[A Japan-based colleague informs me by email that this story originated out of Taiwan before appearing on Japanese websites and, to date, has only received about 200 Japanese Facebook "likes." So, the photo did not "break the Internet" in Japan. However, my hopes that Demon Cat dethrones "Hello Kitty" remain undiminished.]


Many demons in Japanese mythology have taken the form of cats, including: Kasha, the corpse-eater, Nekomata, the split-tailed cat, and Bakeneko, the shape-shifting cat. But, as RocketNews24 reports, "there are plenty of Internet users who have been enchanted with this cat with unique ear hair, responding with comments such as 'What a beautiful looking cat!' or 'I seriously want to have this cat!'"

Will "Hello Kitty" finally be dethroned by this supernatural rival? I can only hope.

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