Meet the Bravest Warriors' Parents in This Exclusive New Clip

The Courageous Battlers.
The Courageous Battlers.
Image: VRV

Before the Bravest Warriors became the fiercest warriors in the galaxy, the job of protecting the universe from villains who would see its destruction fell to their parents—the Courageous Battlers.


Mighty though the Battlers were, they eventually became trapped in the mysterious See Through Zone years before Bravest Warriors begins, and their children have been searching for them ever since. In this exclusive clip, we get a chance to see the Courageous Battlers in their prime before their disappearance, just when the team is on the brink of falling apart.

With the Bravest Warriors finally coming into their own as heroes over the course of the fourth season, it’s all too likely that the old guard is on its way back to reunite with their loved ones with the season starts back up this Friday on VRV. Whether they’re going to come back as their kids remember them, though, is anyone’s guess.


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