Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Spoiler powerup! A new Transformers video introduces you to the Autobots. Plus, new videos tease Heroes and Reaper developments. Lois-centric Smallville script pages! New hints for Lost and Dollhouse! Spoiler power is renewable!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here's some new video of the Autobots in action, from the Chicago Auto Show. OMG, they look just like cars! [Jalopnik]


And here are names of the new Autobots in the film:

SIDESWIPE – a stylized Corvette vision concept vehicle
SKIDS and MUDFLAP – twin AUTOBOTS® based on Chevy's Beat (a concept that will go into production as the Chevy Spark in 2011) and Trax concepts
JOLT – an AUTOBOT-based on Chevy's upcoming Volt extended-range electric vehicle


Mudflap?? [TLAMB]]


Apparently unlike the Oceanic Six, Walt doesn't need to return to the island. It's not just about them leaving the island, it's when and how they left, says Michael Emerson. [TV Guide]

And it sounds like Sun and Jin don't get reunited by episode 5x13, since that's the most recent script Daniel Dae Kim has read, and he's not sure when they'll get reunited. [TV Guide]



When we first see Tahmoh Penikett's Agent Ballard, he's taking a lot of punishment in a kick-boxing ring, only to inflict even worse pain on his opponent. Are you ready to see this man with his shirt off? [TV Guide via SpoilerTV]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Shirley Manson says her T-1001 gets out of the office more in the second half of the season, and gets to do some really cool shit. And her character's story arc takes some "extreme turns" in directions she hadn't expected. [Sci Fi Wire]



More developments on Ali Larter-watch. She doesn't have "more" screen time, but she does have "better" screen time. She's "incredibly fearless and resourceful" during the rest of the "Fugitives" storyline, and proves to be "an enduring presence" in the Heroes universe. [TV Guide]

Here's a sneak peek from Monday's episode:



Lois' underexposure will be remedied a bit, in the March 25 episode where she's torn between her feelings for Clark and her urgent desire to get close to the "Red-Blue Blur." [TV Guide]

And there are a few more script pages from the March 19 episode, "Stilleto," in addition to the ones we already reviewed. Lois shows up at an Edward R. Murrow Journalistic Society event, but the snooty woman at the door won't let her in, even though she works for the Daily Planet. Lois says she didn't wear five-inch heels for her health, but she can't change the woman's mind. So she says Edward R. Murrow can kiss her cub-reporter butt, just as Chloe shows up to save her.


Later, Chloe is in the hospital with a head injury (presumably from the mugging attempt that Lois foils.) And later still, Lois is looking for Jimmy, who's still undercover working at the Ace of Clubs. But Jimmy's not there - he's off trying to buy some drugs from a dealer, using counterfeit cash. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a new promo for season two of this devil's bounty-hunter show, plus Ray Wise talks about being the Devil.


Doctor Who:

Filming has begun in Dubai, and, of course, a fan has tracked down the filming location. Apparently the wind was kicking up too much sand to take pictures today, but Planet Gallifrey's Dubai correspondent hopes to get some photos tomorrow. In the meantime, it can at least be reported that David Tennant and Michelle Ryan are on set, and they were filming in a set of dunes about twenty minutes from the base camp. [Planet Gallifrey]

In case the vagueness of the previous description left something to be desired, the geniuses at the Doctor Who Forum found the filming location on Google Earth. So there's that. [The Doctor Who Forum]



Finally, here are some promo pics for the first episode of NBC's present day alternate universe Biblical epic series (I think that covers everything - oh, and Ian McShane's in it), premiering March 12.


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins