Say hello to Subject Zero, another potential teammate in your fight for the lost. Check out her full personality profile after the jump. Seems like quite a charmer...if you're into masochism.

Name: Subject Zero
Species: Biotic
Gender: Female
Age: ??

She has a tattoo for each of her kills. She has a haircut from her days in a freakish cult. She's drawn to brutality, violence, and tossing enemies around with her incredible biotic power. She is Subject Zero, and she's exactly what Commander Shepard needs for his suicide mission.


Deadly, dangerous, and mysterious, Subject Zero will be a valuable asset to Shepard's team, if he can keep her under control. Employ her with discretion in Mass Effect 2 - available now.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Drug Reference, Sexual Content, Strong Language and Violence

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