Meet Roxy the Rancor, the 501st Legion's life-sized Star Wars sculpture

Star Wars Celebration VI, when thousands of people will descend upon Orlando to show off their love of all things Star Wars, is just a few weeks away, and we're getting a few teases about the amazing projects folks have in store. Among them is this life-sized foam Rancor sponsored by the 501st Legion. Slave Leia not included.


Sculptor Rick Bohler shows off his carving skills in the video above, his Boxer providing sleepy moral support in the background. This Rancor has been dubbed "Roxy" and she'll be on display at Star Wars Celebration VI. This is just one of what I'm sure will be many impressive, large-scale art pieces that will be coming out in advance of the convention.

501st Legion Builds a Life-Sized Rancor Monster Statue [Obvious Winner]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Shouldn't he wear a mask and goggles when doing that?