Meet Robosimian, the ape-inspired robot!

Robosimian, the four-limbed, ape-inspired robot created by JPL/Caltech's Robotics team, is pretty incredible in this new video — watch as it tightens bolts, navigates an obstacle course, opens doors, and does some light retrieval work.


With the ability to stand on two legs, walk across difficult terrain on four limbs, and dexterous hands that can manipulate objects with ease, Robosimian is designed to withstand all kinds of tricky conditions that could one day give it a role in disaster relief— conditions like those faced in the DARPA competition, where it was recently named a finalist. Check it out below!

Have more questions about Robosimian? Good, because we'll be hosting a live chat with Brett Kennedy from JPL's Robosimian team tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. (PST).



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